Thursday, June 1, 2017

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Winds of Change by Jean Holbrook Mathews


 The year is 1854, and change is in the air throughout India. Within the walls of her grand home in Calcutta, Sarah McCune anxiously awaits the future. After eighteen months at war, her husband, a sergeant in the Bengal Army of the East India Company, has made an extraordinary proposal: leave all the comforts of their life in Asia for an unknown future in America. As recent converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sarah and her husband are drawn to the promise of Zion. So, despite their fears regarding the dangerous voyage before them, they and their four children embark on a journey of faith that will test the limits of their conviction and define generations to come. This breathtaking saga based on the historical journals of one Latter-day Saint family invites readers to experience the sacrifices and perils of these early pioneers as they faithfully seek a land of promise.


I always find pioneer stories to be of interest.  First, because my own ancestors were among the pioneers to cross the plains to Utah.  Second, because of the courage and faith it took to come to a new land to build a new life.  What makes this story especially interesting is what the McCunes had to give up to do so.  Pioneering at it's heart is tremendously hard work and while Matthew is used to working, it's as a soldier, not a pioneer farmer.  And to a family used to having servants and living in a relatively humid climate, the plains were a shock. I found it especially interesting to read about the way the family lived in India before deciding to leave.  Such decisions can't be easy.


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