Thursday, April 20, 2017

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Chasing Red by Lauren Winder Farnsworth


Ryder Redmond can’t wait to begin her new life in New York City, with her first real job after college. But the big city gets a little more complicated once she meets the charming and mysterious Damian Wolfe. On the surface he seems perfect, but her friend Hunter is suspicious of his all-too-straight smile and his motives towards Ryder. With her heart on the line, Ryder will have to decide just how much she trusts the handsome city slicker.


When Ryder Redmond sets off for New York City with luggage and a job in hand, she has no idea what she is headed for.  A romance with a gorgeous investment banker certainly wasn't in her plans.  Nor was a roommate looking for a shot at a Broadway career.  And the protective lawyer from work certainly complicates things.  

Ryder is a fun character who has made me smile from the first page. I've also found her experiences in reaching New York fun to read about, both the good ones and the bad ones.  The other characters are also all really interesting as well, especially Ryder's roommate, Lily.  Hunter was my pick out of the guys from the very beginning.  

Damian is gorgeous with a great job and a wealthy family and he's a member of Ryder's church.  To Ryder's way of thinking, he's perfect!  And he's interested in her!  But things get more and more frustrating and confusing as almost everyone who cares about her warns her away from him.  As the relationship continues to develop it becomes obvious to both the reader and everyone else in Ryder's life that it's not a good relationship and that something is off about Damian.  But Ryder has blinders on and refuses to listen to anyone, even her adored father.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, except for the times I wanted to smack Ryder upside the head for not listening to those who cared about her.  Even her own discomfort at trying to fit into Damian's world gets pushed aside in the face of her infatuation.  But her relationships with Lily and Hunter are delightful and fun.  The details about life as an accountant were surprisingly interesting so I wasn't surprised to discover that the author has training and experience as one.  I also enjoyed Ryder's adventures and misadventures adjusting to life in a big city and an incredibly demanding job.  And her snarkiness was certainly amusing at times.

All in all a great contemporary read that I highly recommend to those who enjoy clean romance with some great plot twists.

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