Tuesday, November 15, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: God is in the House by Virginia Foxx


Members of Congress reflect on their deep faith and how it guides them as politicians and legislators in leadership, voting, and responding to our nation's crises.

The book was compiled by Representative Virginia Foxx, who personally asked congressional colleagues who are devout in their Christian faith, representatives who are in a Bible study group with her, and colleagues she knows on a personal level to each contribute an essay.

Essays by current and former Members of Congress:

House Chaplain Daniel P. Coughlin
Mark Critz
Stephen Fincher
J. Randy Forbes
Virginia Foxx
Tom Graves
Janice Hahn
Randy Hultgren
Sam Johnson
Jim Langevin
Dan Lipinski
Sue Myrick
Thomas Osborne
Steve Southerland
Chris Stewart
Juan Vargas
Allen West
Frank Wold


In this time of such turmoil, political and otherwise, it's easy to forget that God is out there and that he loves us.  This book could not be more timely as it is a collection of spiritual thoughts and experiences from both currently serving Congressmen and women and former Congressmen and women.  The foreword is from a speech given by Paul Ryan, current speaker of the House.  Each of the following sections is written by one of the invited participants.  Some of the writers share personal or familial experiences that have lead them or kept them in the faith.  Others shared thoughts about how their faith helps them in their personal lives and to connect to others both politically and otherwise.  It was refreshing to hear about Bible study groups and the work that these accomplished politicians put into doing their jobs the best they know how with God's guidance.  And even though there is great disagreement between some of these people, it's nice to know that they all look to God in their lives for comfort and direction.  The stories in here are both ordinary and remarkable.  There are stories of spiritual impressions that lead to saved lives and survival in the most desperate of conditions.  Stories of examples and reaching out to others who are different.  While many religions and beliefs are represented here, they all have one thing in common: a strong belief in God and His love for each one of us.  At this conflicting time of great emotion, I found great comfort knowing that there are still those in our government who find the time and energy to call upon God for help.  There is hope for our country as long as individuals at all levels make the time to seek God.

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