Friday, September 7, 2018

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: The Shipbuilder's Wife by Jennifer Moore


The day of her parents' garden party dawns bright as Lydia Prescott eagerly anticipates a marriage proposal from a handsome and wealthy plantation owner. The lovely debutante plans to steal a moment away with her beau, but her plans go terribly awry. Instead of her intended, she is joined by a stranger—the largest man she's ever laid eyes on. And it is clear Jacob Steel is there for reasons far more sober than the party. With British raids erupting all around them, it is his job to reassure plantation owners of their safety. In reality, however, Jacob is an espionage agent, and the truth is dire: America is on the verge of invasion by the British.

Blissfully unaware of the danger surrounding her, Lydia basks in the glow of her recent engagement. But her joy is short-lived—a surprise British attack results in a devastating wound, and her plans for the future are shattered. Lost in her devastation, Lydia could never dream that Jacob, that giant of a man she met so briefly, would prove to be her saving grace. And with a war raging around them, she may be called upon to save him too.


Another fabulous read by one of my favorite writers.  Not only does Moore capture the ups and downs of romance well, but her historical details are great.  In this story, our characters end up married because of an injury that Lydia sustains during an attack by the British during the War of 1812.  The hero is working as a spy for the United States but doesn't dare tell his new wife because he doesn't know her well enough to fully trust her.  His frequent absences and sometimes strange behavior confuse Lydia, especially as her feelings for Jacob start to grow.  Developing a loving relationship is challenging under the best of circumstances, doing it in the middle of a war is even more tricky.  Especially when Lydia comes from a family where looks are most important, and Jacob's past makes it hard for him to trust anyone.  Once again, Jennifer Moore has written an interesting historical narrative with flawed by lovable characters and plenty of twists and turns.


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