Thursday, July 6, 2017

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Lily of the Manor by Anita Stansfield


Broadbent Manor is a home brimming with life and love. With eleven adopted children in her care, young widow Lily Broadbent is in search of the right tutor to instruct and nurture her young charges. So when Frederick Woodstone arrives on the doorstep seeking the position, Lily is quickly impressed by his qualifications—but even more pleased with his gentle manner and immediate rapport with the children that society cast aside. It is clear: Mr. Woodstone is a perfect fit for the family.

From the moment he arrives at the manor, Frederick is enchanted by the lady of the house. Lily is a pillar of strength and compassion, and her striking beauty is undeniable. As the pair works side by side to teach the children, their professional association evolves into something far deeper. But when they stumble upon a young boy in dire circumstances, their relationship is put to the test as Lily makes the impetuous decision to rescue the child—no matter the consequences. What follows is a chain of events that will threaten all that Lily has built for her young family, as the fight for the safety of one small boy becomes a battle between life and death.


Anita Stansfield has written a tender story about faith, love, and forgiveness.  I found it easy to care for Frederick and Lily from the very beginning because both characters are genuinely good people.  Lily is a widow using the money her husband left her to bless the lives of the eleven children she has adopted. Frederick is a former vicar turned teacher who thanks to his mother's efforts has a deep faith in God and compassion.  As Frederick settles in as the teacher for the children, he finds himself falling in love with Lily and she with him.  But things get complicated quickly when Lily discovers a child nearby in rather desperate straits and can't resist trying to help him.  Frederick is worried about the risks Lily is taking to help the child.  A life-threatening illness puts everything Frederick and Lily have built at risk.  Will Frederick's and Lily's faith and love be enough to face the challenges in front of them, especially when some shocking revelations come to light?  I found it impossible not to cheer for Frederick and Lily's efforts and sympathized with their struggles.  Once again Stansfield has written a book to touch the heart.


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