Thursday, March 23, 2017

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: You are the Mother Your Children Need by Christie Gardiner


Motherhood is the toughest job you'll ever take on: there is no interview, no job description, and no salary. When you get the position, it can be all too easy to feel under-qualified and overwhelmed. But with a sweet message of encouragement, Christie Gardiner reminds women there are as many ways to be a good mother as there are mothers in this world—and there's no one more capable of raising your children than you!

In this uplifting book, mothers are encouraged to let go of the quest for perfection and recognize the divinity within. Learn to own your strengths and weaknesses, and allow your true self to shine! With practical advice on learning to accept failure, hold on to your identity, and harness the divine help available to mothers, women will gain the confidence to embrace their uniquely perfect qualifications for the job of motherhood.


Motherhood is both the most glorious job available to women and the most devastatingly hard.  While I am not a mother myself, I avail myself of the opportunity to watch mothers so that I have an idea of what kind of mother I would like to be should the opportunity ever come.  There are days when I long to be a mother, and other days when I am sincerely grateful not to be one.  But I know myself well enough to suspect that I would be one of those mothers  who never thinks her efforts are good enough.  Feelings of failure seem to be very common among the mothers that I know.  Which I suppose is why the first chapter in this book made me teary-eyed.  Frankly, I love the idea that Christie Gardiner presents in this book, the idea that yes, "you are the mother your children need".  I loved the fact that she shares her own stories of both success and failure.  Stories of her own struggles to feel like she's good enough.  The chapter on divine worth is one I believe that all women need to read, not just mothers.  The book is full of tips about motherhood and changing our beliefs about what motherhood is and how own perfectionist beliefs that tend more than anything to make us miserable.  I appreciated the chapters on taking care of yourself so that you can better care for your children and not comparing your way of mothering to someone else's way, someone else who has different gifts, abilities, and talents.  This is a fabulous book and I plan on passing it on to a mother I know who needs a boost,  who needs to know there's hope.  Highly, highly recommended.


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