Thursday, March 2, 2017

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Be Happy by Hank Smith, PhD


You can be happy—solidly, genuinely happy—no matter what's going on around you, no matter what happens to you, no matter what storm comes along to batter and bruise you.

Keep reading, and I'll show you how ...

Face it: it's not always easy to feel happy. With all of the worries and trials of day-to-day life, the cares of the world can seem overwhelming. But as popular speaker and author Hank Smith demonstrates, no matter your circumstances, you can be happy—the kind of happy that illuminates you from the inside out, a joy that does not depend on what happens to you, but what you do with what happens. With his characteristic humor, Hank offers readers a fresh perspective on finding joy in the journey with a collection of tools and strategies designed to inspire genuine happiness, such as:

  • Learning to develop an optimistic outlook
  • Understanding how to deal with feelings of depression
  • Mastering ten simple tricks to jump-start your joy each day
  • Featuring an inspiring collection of real-life examples, enlightening doctrinal direction, and motivating goals, Be Happy is the guide you need to start living a happier life, today!

Happiness is a topic of perennial interest since it's something that most of us seek.  But what exactly is happiness?  And how do we attain it? And how can we get it to stick around for awhile?  These are all questions that Hank Smith tackles in his newest book: Be Happy.  Using stories of real people he knows as well as personal experiences and actual research, Smith takes the reader on a trip through the subject of happiness.  I especially enjoyed the conversational tone that the author takes, it made me feel as if we were just having an honest discussion.  There isn't a lot here that is new, after all the Lord has made it clear through His prophets and the scriptures what sorts of qualities and choices lead to happiness.  But somehow it's nice to have a lot of this information presented in such a friendly, down-to-earth way.  Some of the things he discusses I know I am particularly bad at doing, and yet Smith doesn't make you feel guilty, just a greater desire to do better, to focus more on the most important things.  While the book is a relatively short, quick read, I can guarantee that you will have much to ponder once you've read it.


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