Thursday, September 22, 2016

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Infected by Gregg Luke


Mother Nature: the world's most innovative killer.

Deep in the jungles of Venezuela, mycologist Dr. Julia Fatheringham is engrossed in her study of native fungi. But what begins as a standard research trip quickly spirals into chaos when her associate's erratic behavior results in his horrifying death. Soon, Julia makes a startling discover: her partner was contaminated by an organism found only in insects. It alters the victim's mind in alarming ways, with an invariably deadly outcome. Julia is baffled by her discovery—this organism has never appeared in humans. It shouldn't be possible. There is only one terrifying conclusion: The infection has jumped species.

Now, in this remote corner of the world, a contagion of unparalleled horror rests in Julia's hands. But even as she works to contain the organism that could spell devastation of apocalyptic proportions, there are others with a different agenda. They've learned of her discovery and will go to any lengths to acquire a sample—there is good money to be had in eco-terrorism.

Armed only with her strength of mind and what courage she can gather, Julia prepares to battle the devastating scourge—and the terrorists determined to unleash it on humanity.


Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to finish this book yet.  But I'm liking what I've read so far.  I do have a tendency to enjoy books set in unusual settings and the Venezuelan rain forest qualifies.  And medical thrillers also appeal to me, so once again, I'm disposed to like this book.  I do like what I've read so far.  I'm say more once I've finished the book.


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