Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CLEAN ROMANCE: Seaside Gifts by Gayle Roper


Nan Patterson has finally found her niche: operating a boardwalk gift shop in the quaint beachfront town of Seaside. Everything is perfect–until valuable items start just…showing up. At worst, they’ve been stolen and abandoned in her shop. At best, someone doesn’t realize they’ve lost them. Either way, Nan knows she’s out of her depth. Time to call in the local police.

Officer Rog Eastman has bigger worries than a bunch of misplaced treasures—but it is his job to help local shop owners. The fact that she’s adorable doesn’t even come into the equation. Especially since he’s sworn off women for the foreseeable future.

But there’s an imp at work in the background. Someone who knows exactly what these two people need: each other!


Nan Patterson loves her new home, Seaside, New Jersey, where she runs the gift shop left her by her Aunt Char.  But when someone starts leaving gifts for her in the shop she is confused and concerned.  After calling the police, Rog Eastman shows up, incredulity and all.  But Nan is a cute, pixie of a young woman and Rog decides to help her.  But things take a turn when the guilty party doesn't reveal him/herself the way he/she promised Rog he/she would, leaving Nan feeling hurt and betrayed.  And while Nan and Rog are attracted to each other they have both faced heartbreak before and are unwilling to do so again.  But the heart wants what the heart wants.  Can they find their way past the hurt from the past and the confusion of the present?  I admit, I like this kind of sweet romance.  This one is less cheesy than most since the relationship moves along at a realistic sort of pace and they aren't married with three children by the end.  And the challenges to the relationship feel appropriate for the situation.  A sweet, cute romance for those who like me enjoy that sort of thing.  This is a christian romance so there are references to God and his plan as well as prayer and scriptures.

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