Tuesday, November 17, 2015

COZY MYSTERY: Writing All Wrongs by Ellery Adams


The New York Times bestselling author of Lethal Lettersreturns to the North Carolina Coast, where aspiring novelist and amateur sleuth Olivia Limoges discovers crime doesn’t take a vacation . . .

After Olivia and Chief Rawlings enjoy a brief honeymoon on Palmetto Island, they’re joined by the rest of the Bayside Book Writers for the Coastal Carolina Crime Festival. The festival’s highlight is Silas Black, celebrity screenwriter and television producer, who is currently working on a popular television show in North Carolina.

As the festival gets under way, a trickster seems to be bringing famous local ghost stories to life. But when the body of a woman close to Black is found on the beach, Olivia and her friends must deduce who on the island could resort to murder—before the sands of time run out for someone else…


I have enjoyed Ellery Adams's Books by the Bay series.  This newest entry in the series revolves around Olivia and her new husband, Chief Rawlings attending the Coastal Carolina Crime Festival while enjoying a bit of a honeymoon.  And the rest of the Bayside Book Writers join them to enjoy the sites and celebration of Silas Black and his pirate TV show.  But things take a nasty turn when scenes from local ghost stories start appearing and Black's girlfriend is found murdered.  Olivia and her friends end up right in the middle of everything and Olivia can't rest until she finds the killer, especially once her recently discovered father gets involved.  

I love both the mysteries and the characters of Adam's series.  That's why I've kept reading the series despite some content I'm not completely comfortable with (a bit of profanity, drinking, and some premarital sex).  The only uncomfortable content in this book is some profanity since Olivia and the chief are now married.  But I have enjoyed reading about how Olivia makes friends, works on writing her book, and running her restaurants while dealing with a complicated family history.  The books are well-written and the characters thoroughly engaging.

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