Thursday, August 13, 2015

BLOG TOUR with GIVEAWAY: Portrait of Lies by Clair M. Poulson


It was a robbery gone bad, or so they said. For Detective Trey Shotwell, the murder of his mother, a prominent artist, was the catalyst for setting aside his own artistic aspirations to pursue a career in law enforcement—despite the opposition of his father, also a famous painter. When he agrees to attend an art auction featuring his father’s work, the cruise ship locale provides the relaxation Trey needs. And when he meets stunning fellow passenger Aariah Stanton, the undeniable chemistry they share is an unexpected bonus.

But the tranquil voyage quickly turns into a nightmare at sea. The Shotwell paintings have disappeared, and amidst the chaotic hunt for the thief, a murderer is free to roam the halls of the ship. Aariah finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and miraculously escapes the murderer—for now. But another victim is not so lucky . . .

The crime is eerily reminiscent of the death of Trey’s mother so many years before. But this time, the young detective has the resources he needs to track the killer. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, they paint the chilling picture of a sinister plot years in the making. In a manhunt that takes him from the high seas of the Pacific to the wilderness of Australia, Trey will stop at nothing to solve the crime and protect the woman he loves.


Poulson has provided another interesting murder mystery involving cruise ships, fabulous paintings, and obsession.  I confess I enjoy murder mysteries, not because of the violence, but the way the mystery is solved.  In this one, Detective Inspector Trey Shotwell is ten years past the murder of his mother but he has never forgotten what happened and is still determined to find out who killed her.  The sudden reappearance of an altered version of one of his mother's last paintings that was stolen during her murder changes everything.  But additional violence and another theft complicate things as does the appearance of a pretty young American frightened of the men in the room next to her.  Once again Poulson demonstrates his law enforcement experience as he shepherds us through the story.  


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