Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CD REVIEW: Madilyn Paige


This stunning self-titled debut EP features a set of tunes notable for their raw emotion and beautiful soundscapes. Madilyn wrote or co-wrote every song on the album, drawin from her own struggles as a teenager and her heartfelt expressions of the joy she finds in life. The first track, "Irreplaceable," begins with aching introspection and soars to an assurance of self-worth; the folloring track, "Foolish Game," was written right after Madilyn left the TV show The Voice and gives insight into the inevitability of discouragement in life and the realization that you can rise above the games that people play. An epic movie score string section combines with powerful rhythms on "Undercover," a breathtaking song about overcoming sadness and seeking the light all around you. The final track, "Little Things," playfully reminds us that the little things in life are the source of true joy.


MADILYN PAIGE is a singer-songwriter from Provo, Utah. As a young child, she lived in Japan. She took up singing after she moved back to the U.S. She loves making music videos and short films with her friends and has performed in various local competitions.



I have to admit, I was a bit surprised by the pop sound of Madilyn's voice/music.  I guess I was just expecting something else.  I hadn't heard her sing or perform before so I was surprised.  The sound has grown on me though as I have listened to it.  And I like the message of some of the songs, especially Irreplaceable and Little Things. As I've looked at the lyrics of the various songs (see here to listen to samples) it feels like Paige is sharing some of her experiences in her introduction to the music profession.  For example, in Little Things the song talks about how fancy cars and fame don't bring happiness, nor does running away solve one's problems, that it's the little things that are important.  Teens are likely to be the best audience for this music.

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