Saturday, January 3, 2015

BLOG TOUR: A Boy Back From Heaven by Celeste Goodwin



Standing above his hospital bed, Celeste and Billy Goodwin watched in horror as their young son Matthew’s eyes rolled back in his head and he became unresponsive for several harrowing minutes. Doctors called the episode a medical anomaly, but what really happened can only be described as a miracle. Discover the truth about heaven through a child’s eyes as you read Matthew’s account of his walk with angels and his shocking revelation months later about the angels’ identities.


Celeste Goodwin, pediatric hypertension advocate, is a Christian speaker, patient advocacy presenter, national award-winning mom, and founder of the National Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Foundation. Her passion to help others is evident by the dynamic presentations in which she uses humor and her love of God to encourage change. Through her writing and speaking, Celeste encourages others to never lose faith and to always rely on the power of prayer. She ignites thought provoking transformations in the hearts and minds of those she communicates with. Her effectiveness is evident by the honors she has received, such as being selected by Disney owned, as one of 2011’s Top 100 Moms Changing the World in the education division. Celeste was honored as Baton Rouge City Social Magazine’s January 2012 Extraordinary Woman. Celeste has appeared on local and regional news, radio, and television programs. She has also been featured in varying print media.


Life after death is a topic of great interest for a lot of people, but there is also a lot of debate the different accounts that have been shared over the years.  I don't have all the answers about what's truth and what's not here but it's clear from what I read in this book, that this family believes what they are sharing.   The story is certainly a compelling one, well-told.  I read it in one sitting I was so involved.  Above all, it's a story of the heart-wrenching circumstances that led a four-year-old boy to almost die.  I could almost feel the mother's anguish as she tells the story of how they discovered Matthew's problem and the challenges that have come with it.  She also describes her son's description of a journey down a path with four 'angels'.

I have my own beliefs about angels and they don't line up precisely with the descriptions in this book, but I can't claim to have all the answers.  The family is Christian but not LDS.  So while I'm not sure what to think about the angel part of the story, I can confirm that the story is compelling and empathy-inducing.  And I do believe in angels and spirits of family members continue to care about and help loved ones here on earth. And that seems to be what happened here.  So, whatever your beliefs about angels, this is definitely a story worth reading and contemplating.

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