Friday, May 23, 2014

LDS BOOK REVIEW: His Holy House by Robert A. Boyd


Gain a new appreciation for the beauty and grandeur of the Lord's sacred temples with this stunning collection of photographs by Robert A. Boyd. His Holy House features full-color photos of nearly sixty Latter-day Saint temples located throughout the United States and Canada. Each image has been crafted with a professional artistic eye, reflecting the fine quality and exquisite detail with which the temples were built.

The detail shots of ornate windows, beautiful stonework, and carved wooden doors remind us to appreciate every inch of the Lord's house. Other images display the temples highlighted dramatically against gorgeous landscapes or show the changing beauty of the seasons contrasted with the unchanging beauty of the temples. Also scattered throughout the book are inspirational scriptures that speak of the blessings available to us through our temple worship.

Robert A. Boyd's photography does exactly what good art should do: please the eye, uplift the heart, and inspire the soul. His work is remarkable. —James C. Christensen


For almost ten years Robert A. Boyd has been creating images of temples around the world in a unique fine-art style. A professional photographer for nearly twenty years, Robert once traveled the world photographing for clients. One day his mother-in-law expressed her longing for some beautiful pictures of the temple. She suggested that in his travels he should use his talents to photograph the temples in an artistic style. As soon as he turned his viewfinder towards this objective, it seemed as if new, beautiful scenes were now there, ready for him, every time he went to photograph.

The temple has long played a significant role in the life of Robert and his wife Eleah. Particularly, the passing of their first child, and the subsequent adoption and sealing of 3 additional children, have driven home the importance of the temple to the Boyd family. The blessings we receive in the temple have been a great source of peace and joy to them, and that has served to endear a great love of the temple in their hearts.

Today Robert is fortunate to work full time both creating temple art, and also overseeing the fine art printing process for his own art work, and that of other artists. He feels very blessed to be a part of something that is so meaningful to so many, and he hopes to share his feelings of the beauty of the temple as he strives to illuminate his photographic art with peace, light and balance. He lives in Utah with his wife and their five beautiful children.


This has got to be the most beautiful book I have ever seen! I mean, WOW!  The sheer amount of work that must have gone into this is mind-boggling.  The book is a collection of photographs of temples from around the United States and Canada.  The photos have been taken during various times of the day and during different seasons which creates a kaleidoscope of possibilities.  There are also close-ups of various parts of the temples including different shots of the Angel Moroni, stained glass windows, and other outside decorations.  Some photos focus on the buildings themselves while others look at the temple within its setting.  The inspirational scriptures that are included on some pages have clearly been chosen very carefully and appropriately, emphasizing the importance and value of temples.  A beautifully designed book that is worth every penny!





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