Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Getting Things Off My Chest by Melanie Young

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“I debated back and forth whether to have [my new implants] exchanged for softer silicone gels[…]

‘The problem is that I forgot what real breasts feel like…’ I complained to Dr. Disa, who I decided was also part therapist when it comes to breast reconstruction issues. He said he had a patient who was unhappy with her silicone gels… [and] that… he would introduce us so that we could talk about the pros and cons of our respective breast implants.

…And that is how I ended up topless in a bathroom at Memorial Sloan- Kettering feeling another woman’s breasts in the middle of the afternoon.”

Charge head-on into the battle with breast cancer, armed with humor, determination, and these outstanding survivor’s tips on how to stay sane, focused, and in charge in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis. Complete with checklists geared toward streamlining your new life, Getting Things Off My Chest helps you eliminate stress and boost your spirits with active preparation and positive thinking. Don’t let your cancer control you; empower yourself and ease the transition with this all-inclusive guide.


A self-described “Nooga-Yorker,” Melanie Young was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She graduated from Sophie Newcomb College (Tulane University) in New Orleans and currently divides her time between the Hudson Valley and New York City with her husband, David, a wine and spirits writer. She is involved in several philanthropic causes including SHARE and Les Dames d’Escoffier and is founder of The Connected Table®, Inc., wine and food marketing and communications. Follow her @mightymelanie andwww.GettingThingsOffMyChest.com and www.theconnectedtable.com.


Cancer. Not a word that anyone wants to hear. Unfortunately all to many people do hear it.  According to the authors information 1 in 8 women will hear the words, 'breast cancer' at some point in their lives. What an overwhelming thing that must be. I have not had cancer, so I can only try to empathize with those who have.  Staying proactive and focused can help in facing such a difficult challenge.  Young presents information that is important to know and can be very helpful for those dealing with the many ramifications of the disease. Ramifications that go far beyond the disease itself.  Things like keeping good records, deciding who to communicate with and how often, financial issues and health insurance all come into play when dealing with cancer.

The author than goes on to discuss the treatment of the disease, rebuilding your health after treatment, the mental and emotional needs of the patient as well as caregiver and other important information.  Through it all the author focuses on the importance of not letting cancer take over your life, of finding ways to keep positive and keep enjoying life as much as possible. I can see this book being of great benefit to those who have breast cancer or know someone who does, there is much of help here and it seems to me that it would be comforting coming from someone who has been there and done that.  The author does share some of her own experiences as well as comments from others who have been there as well.  There is also an extensive list at the back of places to go to for support and more information.

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