Friday, December 14, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Living in the Light by Lacey A. West and Gary L. Anderson


 Living in the Light provides readers with step-by-step methods to overcome depression and anxiety. It offers solutions through a combination of cognitive techniques and gospel-centered principles that will empower readers with the ability to regain their peace and happiness through eliminating all aspects of darkness from their life, embracing a life full of light.


Lacey West, a wife, mother, and registered nurse, was born and raised in Delta, Utah.  She graduated with honors from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor degree in Nursing.  Motivated by a desire to conquer her own depression, she spent years researching mental health.  She enjoys writing, spending time with family, playing the violin, sewing, and fishing.  She resides with her husband and two children in Wichita, Kansas. To find out more on Living in the Light and author Lacey West, visit:


Mental illness is a complex and often misunderstood topic. Unlike most diseases which manifest themselves physically, mental illness is primarily internal.  Also, symptoms of mental illness can often be similar to those of other diseases.  Causes and effects are difficult to determine. In this book, the authors look at depression as the disease it is and talk about some of the current theories and beliefs about it as well as their own experiences with it.  West shares some of her own experiences with the disease and the things that have helped her, including her religious beliefs.  I especially liked her focus on learning to focus one's thoughts on the positive rather than the negative.  Thoughts are such a powerful thing.  I appreciated the focus on taking action to help oneself or a loved one.  With mental illness, it is easy to feel helpless as well as hopeless.

This is a wonderful book for those looking for light in darkness, but it is no substitute for medical treatment or for the scriptures for that matter. But for those looking for more insight into depression, what it is, and some personal thoughts and experiences as well as comfort should definitely take a look at this book.


  1. A comment in response to the last paragraph of this review: In the book, we do not claim to replace medical treatment; however, the information in the book has helped people get off medication altogether, and in my case, eliminated my depression and anxiety completely. Every person is different, so I appreciate Heidi mentioning this in her review. Also, as part of the treatment we encourage daily scripture study.


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