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BLOG TOUR and GIVEAWAY: Once Upon a Second Chance by Marian Vere

What happens to your Happily-Ever-After when your Fairy Godmother doesn't show up for work?

Julia Basham’s life was perfect. She was finally done with school, about to start an internship with a prestigious financial company which would lead to a great job and, best of all, she’d just become engaged to her very own Prince Charming, Nicholas Kerkley. Unfortunately, while Nick was warm, intelligent, and completely devoted to Julia, he was also a college dropout, with no job to speak of, and almost completely broke. While none of his shortcomings were a problem for Julia, they were a big problem for her older sister Lisa, who told her that a guy like Nick wasn’t proper marriage material for a girl on the fast track to success, Julia began to reconsider the relationship. Although she didn’t wholeheartedly agree with Lisa, after some thought Julia decided that she would take her sister’s advice and end her engagement with Nick, convincing herself that it was the right thing to do. Only after breaking Nick’s heart, and her own in the process, did Julia realize what a horrible mistake it was.

As the story opens nearly a decade later, Julia is the quiet shadow of the woman everyone thought she’d be, who’s once fulfilling life has fallen into a stale and safe existence. Her shell of a world is thrown into upheaval when she finds out that the financial planning team she works for has taken on a new client; a now successful and very rich Nick Kerkley. Stuck in a horribly awkward situation, Julia makes a decision–take charge, step up, and find her own happy ending. However, she quickly realizes that fairy tales aren’t as strait forward as we’ve been brought up to believe. Sometimes, to get to happily ever after, you have to stop waiting for fate, strap on a pair of wings, and be your own fairy godmother.

Once Upon A Second Chance, is a modern yet whimsical take on Austen’s classic love story, Persuasion


Marian Vere is a twenty-eight-year-old writer of Women's Fiction. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she received her degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in--oddly enough--vocal music performance, only to later discover her love of writing and storytelling.  Marian is represented by Carly Watters of PS Literary, and currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two daughters.


As a huge fan of Jane Austen's Persuasion, I was eager to read this book. While in most ways the book did not disappoint, there were a couple of things I didn't like, mostly because of my own preferences. I love romance stories, but I prefer them without sex, this one has sex in it. So while the story is fun and definitely reminiscent of Persuasion, I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked.  Also, there is quite a bit of swearing and profanity which I had a hard time reading. However, if those things don't bother you, this is a fun story about a cute couple dealing with the repercussions from a cancelled engagement.  I found both Nick and Julia very likeable as well as human. But of course, they have changed in 8 years.  Have they changed too much? Plotwise, the story pretty much follows the original except it has been modernized. For example, Nick is now a very successful, and rich, businessman while Julia works for a financial planning firm. If you have read Jane Austen's original story then you know pretty much how things turn out. The fun is in how they get there. And I did really enjoy the ending, it's really cute.

NOTE: I would have rated this higher except for the things I mentioned above, so if those things don't bother you, then you should check it out.


The author is giving away (5) swag bags that include a magic wand charm necklace, a magic wand book mark, and custom lip gloss with the book art. Open to US only. The publisher is giving away (5) ebook copies of ONCE UPON A SECOND CHANCE. Open International.

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  1. I love re-tellings of Jane Austen's stories. Somehow I can't seem to get enough of them. Thanks for the heads-up about the content. :)


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