Thursday, March 1, 2018

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: The Stars Above Northumberland by Anita Stansfield


Her husband is dead. But far from grieving, young widow Lady Meriwether Sturgess feels nothing but relief and release. After enduring years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her cruel husband, Meri is drawn to the comfort of the one place sure to offer healing both for her and her children: Rosewell Manor. The home of her beloved Aunt Annibel is the site of her happiest childhood memories, and it promises the new beginning for which she longs.

Just as she settles into life at the manor, Meri is granted a delightful surprise. Elliott Rosewell has come to stay, as he often has since childhood. Meri and Elliott had once been close friends, and each concealed long-harbored feelings for one another. Their warm relationship is quickly rekindled, and despite the sorrows and secrets they each conceal, they discover that their friendship has blossomed into love. But a relationship that seems to promise happily ever after quickly begins to unravel as devastating truths from both Meri's and Elliott's past surface, and their chance at happiness together may be lost forever ...


No matter how many books by Anita Stansfield I read, I'm always impressed with her ability to write compelling stories full of emotion.  She also often writes about serious issues.  In this book, the issue of abuse and the innumerable consequences associated with it plays a huge role in the relationships depicted in the story.  The main character, Meri Sturgess, is finally free after seven long years of constant abuse from her husband, Lord Sturgess.  Unwilling to spend another minute in the home she hated, Meri packs up her children and returns to the home she grew up in after her parents died.  But leaving behind the memories and trauma of her abuse isn't as easy as she'd hoped. And the secrets her aunt and cousins hold create additional problems for her.  But Elliott Rosewell's presence as her former best friend goes a long way in helping her find healing for herself and her children.  But one big last secret might undo all she's come to treasure.  Once again, Stansfield has written a compelling story with sympathetic characters with strengths and weaknesses who struggle with real-life issues.


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