Tuesday, September 26, 2017

CHILDREN'S BOOK REVIEW: The Holy Ghost is My Friend by Catherine Christensen


Get ready to shine a spotlight on the Holy Ghost! This unique picture book shares everyday situations and simple stories that teach children how to recognize the influence of the Spirit. When you shine a flashlight through the illustrated pages, you can discover how the Holy Ghost protects, comforts, directs, and witnesses of true gospel principles. A fun and illuminating book the whole family will love!


I have some rather mixed feelings about this book.  On the one hand, it does a great job of explaining some of the roles of the Holy Ghost and how He helps us.  On the other hand, the illustrations and first page part of the book imply that the Holy Ghost appeared at Christ's baptism as a dove (not to mention the cover).  I would have liked it to be clearer that the Holy Ghost descended as gracefully and gently as a dove, not in the actual physical shape of a dove. And that the dove signified the Holy Ghost's presence, but was not the Holy Ghost.  As Joseph Smith explains:

“The sign of the dove was instituted before the creation of the world, a witness for the Holy Ghost, and the devil cannot come in the sign of a dove. The Holy Ghost is a personage, and is in the form of a personage. It does not confine itself to the form of the dove, but in sign of the dove. The Holy Ghost cannot be transformed into a dove; but the sign of a dove was given to John to signify the truth of the deed, as the dove is an emblem or token of truth and innocence” (Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 276).

The other thing that I wish the book had included is a description of just who the Holy Ghost is, beyond being a friend such as a member of the Godhead, a personage in form, but who has no physical body. 

The book does a nice job of explaining some of the different ways the Holy Ghost can help and the ways to invite Him to do so. And the flashlight aspect of the book which brings a hidden picture to the surface followed by a following page that explains what the picture represents.  There is a page depicting a child being tempted that shows temptations as purple demon creatures.  I think I would have preferred a different picture here. 

Overall, the book works, but it could have been better.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Miss Leslie's Secret by Jennifer Moore


Decorated war hero Conall Stewart has spent ten years envisioning his return to his beloved Scottish Highlands. But now, with the days of battle finally behind him, it seems that his dreams of home have been in vain: the land of his youth lies in ruins, and his family is gone. Though he will never stop searching for his kin, Conall knows he must begin again. But when he takes on a rented farm in a nearby town, he finds far more than the fresh start he was looking for.

After catching a mischievous local lad stealing, Conall returns young Jamie to his mother, Aileen Leslie—and finds the woman’s coddling of the child maddening. What Conall does not realize is that Aileen hides a frightening secret: her devoted protection of Jamie is all that shelters them from discovery by a dangerous man from their past. Drawn together by circumstance, Conall soon develops a fatherly relationship with Jamie—as well as romantic feelings for Aileen. But even as the couple accepts their growing affection for one another, time runs out for Aileen and her son: after years of hiding, they have been found. Conall lost his family once—he will do all in his power not to let history repeat itself.


Jennifer Moore has written another winning story.  It's fun to catch up with Conall Stewart after having met him in Miss Whitaker Opens Her Heart.  I've really enjoyed the way so many of her books are connected through the different characters.  In this one, Conall returns home to the Scottish Highlands only to discover his family has left for Canada.  Not willing to give up the homeland he has missed for over a decade, Conall settles down in the small village of Dunaid.  There he encounters a mischievous young lad named Jamie.  When Jamie steals from him, Conall returns to boy home only to encounter the boy's mother.  As Conall gets to know Jamie and his mother, he begins to realize that maybe he's found a new family.  But since when did the path of love ever run smooth?  Aileen Leslie, Jamie's mother, has a rather dangerous secret that may change everything once it's revealed, and to Aileen's horror, that day seems to be coming closer despite her best efforts.  I found the characters winning, the setting and customs fascinating, and the plot engaging.  Another fantastic historical romance from one of my favorite authors.


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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

BLOG TOUR: I Can Love LIke Jesus by Heidi Poelman


Help your little ones live and love like Jesus did with this adorable picture book. The simple text and beautiful illustrations show children exactly how Jesus loved others and how to emulate Him with small acts of kindness, like sharing, forgiving, and comforting. Invite the Savior into your home and feel His peace each time you read this book together.


This adorable book shows how we as followers of Jesus Christ can be more like him. Each two page spread shares one way that Jesus showed love to his followers and the people around him.  Jesus helped create the earth, taught those willing to listen, healed the sick, and sacrificed His life for all humankind.  The illustrations take the concept of following Christ's example a step further by showing ways to demonstrate that love by helping those around us.  Each illustration shows a child showing love as well as a small reference to the event in Christ's life that is being referenced.  This book provides a sweet way to help children understand just what it means to be like Jesus.

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