Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DUTY by Rachel Rossano


Duty to King

Tomas Dyrease, the newly made Earl of Irvaine and the village of Wisenvale, owes his good fortune to his king and the recent civil war. When his benefactor demands Tomas marry the cousin of a noble, he obeys. However, no one warned him that she wasn’t a typical noblewoman.

Duty to Others

Brielle Solarius struggles to keep her village from starvation under the new Lord Wisten, her cousin. The men rode off to war and never returned. The remaining women and children face a dire winter if they do not find a solution soon. When she learns her cousin sold her into marriage to save his life, she isn’t surprised. However, she is taken aback by Lord Irvaine’s unpolished ways. Was this man a noble or a foot soldier?

Duty to Each Other

Bound by the words of their vows, they face a rough future. They must forge a marriage while battling betrayal, accusations of treason, and villains from the past. Survival depends on their precarious trust in each other. Failure could mean death.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Brielle and Tomas won me over immediately as they learn to know each other while facing some immensely difficult challenges.  Soon after leaving her village with her new husband in search of a solution to the looming winter they face with inadequate supplies, the village is taken over by a robber baron and Brielle's treacherous cousin.  She is left behind at Tomas's other holding while Tomas goes back to rescue the village not realizing that Brielle will soon face betrayal and be forced to flee.  Amidst all this commotion, Brielle struggles with her feelings for Tomas and wonders if she can trust the man. But when her loyalty to the crown is questioned she finds she has no choice but to trust him.  I think what I enjoyed the most about the story was how the relationship between Tomas and Brielle developed.  I enjoyed reading about their interactions.  I also prefer my herioines to be willing to stand up for themselves rather than always depending on rescue.  While Brielle ends up needing a great deal of help, she also does a great deal to help Tomas and herself.  I found the book compelling and hard to put down and I thoroughly recommend it. The book is clean of bad language and immorality, though there is one intimate scene that fades to black after a kiss, so nothing offensive here, which I always find refreshing and since the characters are married I was more than okay with it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Rough Around the Edges meets Refined by Rachel Anderson

Rough Around the Edges
Source: author for review for blog tour (THANKS!)
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For Noah Mackie, life is finally back on track. He has a great support system, a promised promotion is on its way, and he's finally getting the hang of this single father thing. But when the job falls through and his neighbor's matchmaking efforts become more aggressive, Noah is in for yet another unwanted detour. With his career and two spirited daughters to worry about, he doesn't have time for dating—especially not someone like Cassie Ellis, his girls' beautiful and sophisticated dance instructor, who is about as open and approachable as a brick wall. Rough around the Edges Meets Refined is about two people who think they know exactly what they want but who have no idea what they really need. It's about learning that people aren't always what they seem and that sometimes life’s detours take you exactly where you need to go.  

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USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can't sing, doesn't dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.


Another winner from Rachael Anderson!  I really love her books.  Her characters are so easy to like and care about and they feel so real, with real problems and strengths as well as weaknesses.  Cassie and Noah both have their own wounds to deal with that make them reluctant to falling in love again, but sometimes life just happens despite our best efforts to resist it.  I have to say that one of the things I love most about Rachael's books are the interactions between her characters, they are so fun to read. In this book, I especially enjoyed seeing Noah interact with his daughters.  Despite the loss of his wife and his job troubles, he still takes the time to love and care for his daughters to the best of his ability.  Would that all children had such fathers!  And yet, children need mothers too, something that Noah struggles with  since he has no desire to date.  Cassie on the other hand was burned badly by her marriage and is afraid to trust what she sees in Noah. Overall, another delightful clean romance by a fabulous author that I just couldn't put down.

Rough Around the Edges


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BLOG TOUR: Snow Angels by Lezlie Anderson


A winter storm, a family, and an idea for a service project all add up to a delightful Christmas surprise! When Mom and Dad suggest serving their neighbors for the holiday, their kids can’t stop grumbling. But as they secretly shovel snow, their attitudes change, and soon the parents can’t get the kids to stop serving. Share the joys of serving others in this wonderful Christmas pamphlet.


Lezlie Anderson has loved books since she learned to read at age four. She and her sisters used their wild imaginations playing in their backyard as princesses to being attacked by giant grasshoppers. The first books she remembers loving are “My Father’s Dragon” and “The Trouble with Miss Switch.”

Lezlie is married to a wonderful man, Steve, and they have three great children, 3 crazy cats, one tortoise, and a fish that has survived more hazards than should be possible. She loves chocolate, Dr. Pepper, and anything that her husband BBQ’s.


Snow Angels is a short Christmas story about the joy of serving one's neighbors.  While the family isn't exactly thrilled when they start the project, but after seeing the pleasure their snow shoveling efforts bring, they really get into it.  This pamphlet showcases just what I love most about Christmas time, the love of Jesus Christ, which unfortunately tends to get lost in the commercialism of the holiday.  This would be a great story to share to remind us of the reason for the season.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

BLOG TOUR W/GIVEAWAY: Meow If It's Murder by T.C. LoTempio

Meow if its murder

Meow if its murder
by L.C. LoTempio


Nora Charles doesn’t believe in fate, even if she is a crime reporter who shares a name with a character from The Thin Man. In fact, she’s moving back to Cruz, California, to have a quieter life. But after finding an online magazine eager for material, and a stray cat named Nick with a talent for detection, Nora’s not just reporting crimes again. She’s uncovering them… Back in her hometown, Nora reconnects with old friends and makes some new ones, like Nick, the charming feline who seems determined to be her cat. But not everything about Cruz is friendly. Writing for a local online magazine, Nora investigates the curious death of socialite Lola Grainger. Though it was deemed an accident, Nora suspects foul play. And it seems that her cat does too. Apparently, Nick used to belong to a P.I. who disappeared while investigating Lola Grainger’s death. The coincidence is spooky, but not as spooky as the clues Nick spells out for her with Scrabble letters—clues that lead her down an increasingly dangerous path. Whether fate put her on this case or not, solving it will take all of Nora’s wits, and maybe a few of Nick’s nine lives.



While Toni Lotempio does not commit – or solve – murders in real life, she has no trouble doing it on paper. Her lifelong love of mysteries began early on when she was introduced to her first Nancy Drew mystery at age 10 – The Secret in the Old Attic. She lists among her favorite mystery/suspense writers Erle Stanley Gardner, Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson, as well as EJ Copperman, Steve Hockensmith, Victoria Laurie, Ali Brandon, Rita Mae Brown, Miranda James and Sofie Kelly to name only a few! Toni is also passionate about her love for animals, as demonstrated with her four cats: Trixie, Princess, Maxx and, of course, ROCCO, who not only provided the inspiration for the character of Nick the cat in the Nick and Nora mystery series, but who also writes his own blog and does charity work for Nathan Fillion’s charity, Kids Need to Read! Toni’s also devoted to miniseries like The Thorn Birds, Dancing with the Stars, reruns of Murder She Wrote and Castle (of course!). She (and ROCCO, albeit he’s uncredited) pen the Nick and Nora mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime – the first volume, MEOW IF ITS MURDER, debuts Dec. 2, 2014. She, Rocco and company make their home in Clifton, New Jersey, just twenty minutes from the Big Apple – New York.

Praise for the Book "Meow if it's Murder is an absolute delight and Nick and Nora make a purr-fect mystery-solving team. ! I couldn't put it down!" --Michelle Rowen, national bestselling author

“Meow If It's Murder is delightful! Readers will love the mystery and charming cat. You don't want to miss this new series” –Rose Pressey, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Nick and Nora are a winning team. The crafty feline manages to stay one paw ahead of his new owner - and the criminals in Cruz, California." –Rebecca Hale, NY Times Bestselling Author

"Namesakes Nick the cat and Nora the deli owner can teach Hammett’s amateur detective duo a thing or two. Meow if It’s Murder is a fast-paced cozy mystery spiced with a dash of romance and topped with a big slice of “cat-itude.” Enjoy!" ~Ali Brandon, NY Times Bestselling author of the Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries

"Nick and Nora are the purrfect sleuthy duo!" – Victoria Laurie, NY Times Bestselling author of the Psychic Eye Mystery Series


Unfortunately, I haven't had time to finish this book yet, however, I have enjoyed what I've read so far.  I admit that I am a fan of cozy mysteries where the characters live a fairly normal life except for the murder part.  I guess that makes them seem more real to me.  Anyway, I like Nora, she's a pleasant character with a strong dose of curiosity which makes her a good match for Nick, the cat that adopts her.  The book reminds me a bit of The Cat Who series by Lillian Jackson Braun, which I also loved, so I figured I would probably like it.  The only thing I haven't liked so far is that there is some swearing.

Now that I've finished the book, I can say that I liked it quite a bit.  I loved Nick the cat and the way he helped Nora solve the mystery.  I found the amount of swearing disappointing, but I enjoyed the book anyway.  A nice cozy mystery with recipes included at the back for those who enjoy cooking (not me).



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The London Season is ushered in with a thrilling flurry of invitations, gowns, and parties. But despite her status as belle of the ball, lovely socialite Emma Drake simply cannon fathom becoming entangled with any gentleman of her acquaintance. For, in truth, since childhood, her heart has belonged to Captain Sidney Fletcher, a man of the sea—and her brother's best friend.

Emma knew Sidney's directive to free the Spanish city of Cadiz from French occupation would be dangerous, but when word arrives of his capture, she is frantic. Determined to aid her brother in Sidney's rescue, she hides aboard her brother's ship and sets a course to Spain. But the realities of war are a far cry from the drawing rooms of London, and Emma finds the man she loves a mere shadow of his former self. When a series of events leaves them trapped together behind enemy lines, Emma and Sidney must embark on a journey fraught with danger—from a bloody hunt for Spanish treasure to the battlefields of war-torn Spain, new threats lurk around every turn. As their flight becomes increasingly perilous, Sidney and Emma must trust each other with their lives—but can they trust each other with their hearts?


As I have thought about just what I wanted to say about this book, I've pondered just what makes this such a great read.  The characters? Definitely,  Emma and Sidney appealed to me very much in terms of making me cheer for them and smile at them.  The plot? The plot moves along at a brisk pace but never did I feel like it was too fast or too slow.  I didn't find any plot holes that bugged me.  The realistic nature of the setting made me sincerely grateful to never have been in a war zone.  I would never want to experience the things that Emma and Sidney and their friends do.  The nightmares and horrible memories that they have to deal with are portrayed in a realistic and believable way.  The author does an amazing job of helping the reader get a glimpse at what war was really like at the time.  Which does mean of course that there are some really unpleasant scenes where Emma sees men die in horrible ways.  Thankfully these scenes while powerful are brief.

I think one of the things that love most about the book is how the author manages to create such a complete story with depth in only 200 pages.  The writing is clear and easy to follow making for quite a quick read, but it's a read that will leave you wanting more as it did me.  This is definitely one of the best books I've read this year. If you enjoy historical romances I can heartily recommend this one.  Although because of the setting there is violence experienced by the characters.

Friday, November 21, 2014

SAM'S CHRISTMAS WISH by George D. Durrant


"We don't need no charity," insists Big Sam Edwards. It's bad enough to have lost his job a few weeks before Christmas; the thought of "do-gooders" meddling in his business is more than he can bear. "I'll be watching if anybody comes around trying to leave anything at the door!" he warns.

But the mystery of a pile of gifts left anonymously, without any tracks in the snow, works a change in Sam's heart. The spirit of Christmas fills his home with joy.

Over the years, Sam becomes one of the most generous men in town. Yet his fondest wish goes unrealized: "I wish I could do something good and do it in secret so nobody would ever know."

And then one Christmas, he gets his chance—his secret act is even more gratifying than he ever could have imagined.


GEORGE D. DURRANT was born and raised in American Fork, Utah. He graduated from Brigham Young University and became a full-time educator. He is a master storyteller and loves telling stories to his eight children, thirty-four grandchildren, and fifteen great-grandchildren. He and his wife, Susan Easton Black Durrant, live in the Rocky Mountains.

DAN BURR, an award-winning illustrator, earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from Utah State University and a master’s degree in illustration from Syracuse University. He and his wife, Patti, are the parents of two children and live in Tetonia, Idaho. Dan has illustrated many children’s books, including The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, The Mansion, and The Christmas Train.

EXCERPTS (from Deseret Book website)





I confess, I thought I knew where this story would end up, but I was surprised by the ending.  When Sam's family is blessed on Christmas with gifts and dinner after he lost his job, he doesn't want to accept it.  But when he calls the sheriff in anger, the sheriff shows him that there are no tracks in the snow except his own. For the sake of his children, Sam eventually gives in and accepts the gifts and he takes the scripture shared to heart: "That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly."  Sam uses this scripture in doing many good deeds throughout the rest of his life, but he wants very much to do an act of service that no one every knows was done by him.  And when his neighbors who have been so kind to him end up in serious trouble, he puts his life on the line to help.  A beautifully illustrated story of true love and service that is bound to touch even the hardest heart.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Softly Falling by Carla Kelly

Softly Falling blog tour


Beautiful Lily Branson learns that her wayward father has lost his Wyoming cattle ranch in a card game to handsome cowboy Jack Sinclair, no less! When a series of deadly winter storms sets in, Lily and Jack must work together to save the cattle—as well as their hearts.


Carla Kelly is a veteran of the New York and international publishing world. The author of more than thirty novels and novellas for Donald I. Fine Co., Signet, and Harlequin, Carla is the recipient of two Rita Awards (think Oscars for romance writing) from Romance Writers of America and two Spur Awards (think Oscars for western fiction) from Western Writers of America. She is also a recipient of a Whitney Award for Borrowed Light and My Loving Vigil Keeping.


Another great romance by Carla Kelly, Softly Falling, focuses on the power of human beings to rely on each other for survival.  For me to thoroughly enjoy a romance I have to connect with the characters.  I knew this one would be interesting because of the survival aspects of the story.  Wyoming winters are rather famous for their severity so the idea of being stuck in one with no real help available is one that intrigued me. I also found myself very much liking both Lily and Jack.  Lily for her courage in facing a whole boatload of disappointments when she meets up with her alcoholic father.  Jack's admirable characteristics include a determination to succeed despite a life full of hard knocks. But they weren't the only characters that I enjoyed.  In these kind of stories I always enjoy child characters and the three in this one were no exception, especially since these three girls and one boy have had some pretty big challenges themselves.  It was fun to see Lily learn how to work with these children.  The details of life on a Wyoming ranch make me supremely grateful not to have lived on one.  That is one of the things that Kelly is especially good at historical details and enjoyable dialogue.  Another winner from a great romance writer.

Friday, November 14, 2014

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: The Match Maker by Karey White

Match Maker

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Match Maker Book Cover


(Summary contains spoilers if you have not yet read book #1 The Husband Maker) It’s been six months since Charlotte and Kyle broke up, and the Husband Maker strikes again. Kyle is officially engaged, while Charlotte is still nursing a broken heart. In an effort to get Charlotte out of her rut, she and her best friend decide it’s time for some good old-fashioned matchmaking. While Aleena arranges for Charlotte to meet up with a handsome Scottish tourist, Charlotte gets her two best friends together. But when sparks start to fly between Aleena and Angus, Charlotte is left feeling more alone that ever--at least until the charming Scotsman becomes more than just a safe, rebound guy and teaches her that maybe, just maybe, she can dare to open her heart again.

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The Husband Maker by Karey White

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Husband Maker Cover

Coming Spring 2015
The conclusion to The Husband Maker Series
The Wife Maker by Karey White

Wife Maker 2


Karey White grew up in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Missouri. She attended Ricks College and Brigham Young University. Her first novel, Gifted, was a Whitney Award Finalist. She loves to travel, read, bake treats, and spend time with family and friends. She and her husband are the parents of four great children. She teaches summer creative writing courses to young people and is currently working on her next book.


Karey White has written another winner with The Match Maker. Having enjoyed her first book so much, I was really looking forward to this one and I was not disappointed.  There are some spoilers coming up so if you haven't read the first one, do that before reading further.

Charlotte is struggling with here break-up with Kyle and is shocked to learn after only six months that he is engaged.  With some prodding from her friend Aleena, she contacts the Scottish guy she met not too long ago.  As she spends some time with him, she really starts to ponder what she wants both in love and in life.  Wanting her friends to be happy, she sets up her friends, Aleena and Angus.

There is something that I realized quite early in the first book and I was eager to see how that would play out here.  This is something that the reader picks up on but which Charlotte remains clueless about, at least until the end of this book.  It leaves Charlotte having to decide how she feels about her relationships and what it is she really wants. Unsurprisingly things are left unresolved with Charlotte having her work cut out for her to fix some problems that she inadvertently helped create.  I am really eager to read book three to find out what happens and see if things work out the way I hope they will.


“Have you heard from Flynn?” Aleena asked between bites.

“We talked last night for a while.”

“You’re still talking to him?” Angus asked. He sounded surprised.

“They’ve been talking a lot,” Aleena said.

“I don’t know if I’d say ‘a lot.’” I really didn’t want to talk about this.

“I think he really likes Charlotte,” Aleena said.

“We’re friends.”

“How much do you talk?” Angus asked.

“A couple of times a week, I guess.”

“Maybe at the beginning it was a couple of times a week, but hasn’t it picked up lately?” Aleena asked.

I shrugged and kept chewing, even though I had already swallowed.

“Have you seen that new Reese Witherspoon movie?” I asked.

“Nice try,” Aleena said. “Let’s talk about Scotland. When are you going?”

“I’m not,” I said.

“You really should,” Aleena said. “What a great chance to see another part of the world.” Aleena turned to Angus. “He’s invited her over and over and she keeps putting him off.”

“Why?” Angus turned to me.

“I’m busy. I’ve got lots of projects going on at work.”

“Oh please. That’s not why you’re not going.”

I gave Aleena a pointed look, but she wasn’t looking at me, so she didn’t see it.

“Why aren’t you going?” Angus asked.

I took another bite of salad. “I think she’s not going because she’s afraid she’s falling for him and a boyfriend in Scotland is pretty inconvenient.”

“I’ve never said I’m falling for him, but you’re right. Scotland isn’t convenient.”

“Maybe he’ll move back here,” Angus said. “His brother did.”

“And that’s why he won’t,” I said. “He doesn’t want to leave his mom and the family business.”

“Maybe you could split your time between here and there.” Finally, Aleena looked at me and I gave her a “shut up” look. “What? I’m just trying to help you work things out. Maybe the fortune meant long-term romance.”

“What fortune?” Angus asked.

“Charlotte’s fortune cookie that said ‘romance will come to you from foreign lands,’” Aleena said.

“First of all,” I said, “that was your fortune. Second, I don’t believe in fortunes. Third, let’s talk about something else.”

“Why?” Angus asked. “He seemed like a nice guy.”

I sighed. “He is a nice guy. A nice guy who lives in Scotland.”

“Who’s invited you to come visit,” Aleena said.

“I think you should go,” said Angus. I stared at him. When I realized my mouth was hanging open, I hurried and clamped it shut. 

“What?” Angus looked at my surprised face. “Has he asked you to marry him and move there forever?”

I shook my head. For some reason, I had expected Angus to discourage me from going. I would have thought he would disapprove. I’d have imagined him saying, “Don’t follow a guy halfway around the world unless you mean business.” But instead he was telling me I should go.

Angus and I looked at each other for longer than was comfortable. I could feel Aleena’s eyes on us, and I wanted to look away, but I needed to read what was behind Angus’s words. Finally, he lowered his eyes. “Just go. There’s nothing here to stop you.”

What did he mean? My family was here. My friends were here. My job was here. There was plenty here to stop me.

I laughed, but it sounded fake. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you want me to move to another country.”

Angus shrugged. “Just want you to be happy, Charlotte, and you don’t seem to be happy with what you’ve got here.”


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Six Award-Winning Authors have contributed new stories to A Timeless Romance Anthology: Silver Bells. Readers will love this collection of six historical novellas, all centered around the Christmas season with one thing in common: Romance.

In NY Times & USA Today’s bestselling author Lucinda Brant’s delightful novella, FAIRY CHRISTMAS, Kitty Aldershot is orphaned and forced to live on others’ charity. Offered a home under the generous roof of her relatives, the Earl of Salt Hendon and his countess, Kitty wants for nothing, not even the affections of Mr. Tom Allenby. But when Kitty stumbles across a letter written by Lady Caroline that reveals how Mr. Allenby would be ruined should he marry the likes of Kitty, she realizes she has been fooling herself all along. Kitty’s world crumbles around her as she recognizes she will forever be alone with no prospects at all.

Sarah M. Eden’s charming romance novella A CHRISTMAS PROMISE, Sean Kirkpatrick is trying to get to his new place of employment, Kilkenny Castle, in order to start as the new stablehand. His only requirement is to drive a team of high-spirited nags from Dublin to Kilkenny in a certain amount of time. Unfortunately he winds up in a muddy field, stuck, lost, and running out of time. He’s about to lose the job before he can prove himself capable of finishing his first assignment. When Maeve Butler arrives on the scene, Sean isn’t sure if she’s intent on rescuing him or bent on torturing him with her fiery wit and lovely dark eyes.

In Heather B. Moore’s enchanting novella, TWELVE MONTHS, Lucien Baxter’s best and most incorrigible friend, Will, dies unexpectedly, leaving behind his new bride and unborn child the week before Christmas. Will’s last request is that Lucien watches over Cora, not just as a benefactor, but as a husband. When Lucien does his duty and proposes to Cora, he’s turned down flat. But over the course of the next few days, Lucien discovers that marrying Cora wouldn’t be any sort of duty after all, but a matter of following his heart.

In Lu Ann Staheli’s sweet romance novella, A FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS, Dick Wilkins and his best friend Ebenezer Scrooge have been looking forward to the annual Fezziwig Christmas dance for weeks. Ebenezer is practically engaged to Annabelle Fezziwig, and Dick hopes to start courting her younger sister, Pricilla. Once the dance starts, and Pricilla arrives, as pretty and charming as ever, Dick discovers that he’s not the only man vying for her attention. His best friend advises Dick that he has to win Pricilla’s heart, as well as her mother’s favor. Losing his heart has suddenly become very complicated.

A TASTE OF HOME, a captivating romance by Annette Lyon, we meet Claire Jennings, who’s on her way to spend Christmas with her family. As she rides the train with William Rhodes, who grew up across the street, memories of Christmases past flood her mind. He may be twenty-one now, but she can’t forget his torturous teasing from their school years. At the rail station, Claire discovers that her home is under quarantine because her little brother has measles. She's stuck in town, away from her family, on her favorite holiday. William stays behind with her, and as Christmas Day approaches and her homesickness deepens, she discovers that perhaps he has changed in more ways than one.

Becca Wilhite’s entrancing novella, MY MODERN GIRL, follows Margie, who lands her dream job as a clerk at Macy’s department store in New York City. Margie might be new in town, but she’s determined to succeed and prove to Henry that moving to the city was the right decision. As the Christmas season approaches, Margie realizes that being a “modern girl” might not be all she had dreamed of and Henry might have more to offer than she ever imagined.


FAIRY CHRISTMAS. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  Kitty and Allenby were sweet characters, but the part that surprised me the most was the other romance that took place in the story.  I was focused on Kitty and her attempt to get Mr. Allenby to propose that I didn't realize that the other romance was happening although there are hints that point in that direction.  This is the kind of short story that I enjoy, with enough conflict to create a plot, but the emphasis is on the characters.

A CHRISTMAS PROMISE.  The details in this story about Ireland and the Irish I found quite amusing.  I found myself laughing out loud at several points in the story.  I also loved Sean and Maeve as they met and fell in love.  The part where Sean gets stuck in the mud and meets Maeve and her large Irish wolfhounds entertained me very much.  But the ending I found especially pleasing as it showcases the strength of a solid relationship that goes beyond just being in love, but true trust and commitment.

TWELVE MONTHS: Cory and Lucien both won me over immediately.  Sweet Cory who lost both her fiance and now her husband, who also had to live with knowing her husband was unfaithful to her and is reluctant to believe in a good love again.  Lucien, whose best friend was Cory's husband, is used to covering for Will but to marry his wife?  He's uncertain at first until he starts to get to know her and realizes how great she is and how much he likes her.  I especially enjoyed the musical parts where they played for each other.

A FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS.  This is an interesting take on Ebenezer Scrooge story with the main character actually being his friend, Dick Wilkins.  Cilla is an interesting character as well as she looks forward to receiving suitors.  And Dick being already smitten was cute as he tried to figure out the best way to approach her.  The dance where Dick first becomes Cilla's rescuer is sweet as she seeks to avoid someone she discovers to her dismay is boring as all get out.  It was kind of sad reading about Ebenezer proposing to Belle knowing what would happen later, but all in all a sweet story.

A TASTE OF HOME.  The fun thing about this story was the way Claire started to see Will in a new way. After Will tormented her throughout her childhood she was reluctant to travel home to Utah with him, but it was better than traveling alone.  When she discovers that she can't go home because her little brother has the measles she is devastated.  Will decides this is his opportunity to show Claire how much he likes her by helping her face a lonely Christmas.  I love the selfless gesture that Will makes to help a disappointed Claire enjoy Christmas.

MY MODERN GIRL.  I think this one was my favorite of the six stories.  I fell for Henry almost immediately.  His willingness to let Margie go since that's what she wanted won me over as did his determination to prove to her his worthiness.  And then as Margie slowly realized that while she loved certain things about the city, there were things about home she missed, including Henry.  But the way Henry came through for her at the end really made me sigh happily.  This is what a short story romance should be.

Overall a wonderful set of short stories that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Monday, November 10, 2014

JACOB T. MARLEY by R. William Bennett


“Marley was dead to begin with . . .”

These chillingly familiar words begin the classic Christmas tale of remorse and redemption in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Now R. William Bennett rewinds the story and focuses the spotlight on Scrooge’s miserly business partner, Jacob T. Marley, who was allowed to return as a ghost to warn Scrooge away from his ill-fated path. Why was Marley allowed to return? And why hadn’t he been given the same chance as Ebenezer Scrooge?

Or had he?


R. WILLIAM (BILL) BENNETT spent more than thirty years in business, most recently as a division president of FranklinCovey. The author of the award-winning novella The Christmas Gift, Bill and his family live in Alpine, Utah. You can contact him at Bill@rwilliambennet.com.


I sometimes have a hard reading books like this that go back and take an original story and offer another take on it.  But I found myself really enjoying this one.  It's a very thought-provoking look at redemption and forgiveness and making choices that lead us to become what we do.  Jacob T. Marley let his pride and greed get the better of him at great harm to himself and everyone he came in contact with.  And when he and Scrooge met up they had the same flaws and they fed off each other making things worse.  And until the day he died Marley never once stopped to think about how his choices had shaped his life.  As he lay dying, he watched Scrooge manipulating his way into Marley's house, he realizes for the first time how much harm he has done.

Obviously we don't really know why Marley does what he does in the original story, A Christmas Carol, something changes that leads him to want to prevent Scrooge from ending up in the same sort of situation.  Bennett gives the reader a look at what might have been.  I found myself thoroughly enthralled with the portrayal of Marley as he seeks to help Scrooge take a different path. And in the end he does something that during his mortal life he would never have done.  Frankly it had me in tears.  The story is so well told and beautifully highlights the joys of serving those around us and that the true treasures in life don't revolve around money.  A story of bad choices, remorse, and change that becomes possible through the sacrifice of our Savior.  A novel truly worthy of the Christmas season.

Friday, November 7, 2014

FAIRY TALE CHRISTMAS by Michael McLean and Scott McLean (Includes Giveaway!)


Santa Claus has been kidnapped!

Behind the plot are an evil queen, a wicked stepmother, a sorceress, a beanstalk giant, and, of course, the mischievous Rumpelstiltskin. They have a plan that will erase the term "Happily Ever After" from our storybooks forever.

But it's nearly Christmas Eve, and time is running out. Can Santa and the fairy-tale heroes save the day and bring Christmas to all the children of the world? Will anyone have a "Happily Ever After" again?

Fairy Tale Christmas reminds us all that there is good in everyone and that the magic of Christmas can soften any heart.


MICHAEL MCLEAN has released more than two dozen albums, has written, produced, and directed award-winning films and television commercials, and has annually presented his landmark Christmas production, The Forgotten Carols, based on his book, to sold-out audiences throughout the United States since 1991. He and his wife, Lynne, live in Heber Valley.

SCOTT MCLEAN is an actor, songwriter, and playwright. A graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC) and The National Theatre Conservatory (Denver), Scott lives, creates, acts, and auditions in New York City.


What a creatively new look at the Christmas season and Santa and toy giving!  Santa has decided that all kids deserve at least one present to help inspire them to be good.  As a result the elves and reindeer have been working overtime to get ready for Christmas Eve.  Meanwhile, some well-known fairy tale villains (think Rumplestiltskin, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty) want their own so-called happy endings.  In order to force the fairy tale heroes to give up their happy endings they decide to kidnap Santa Claus.  But like most such things, it doesn't go the way they planned.  This is a light fun read for middle grade readers who enjoy fairy tale spin-offs and Christmas stories.

The advantage of having a songwriter for an author is the addition of music to the story.  While the website where the music will be is not up yet, I look forward to checking it out.


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE!: The Story Behind A Christmas Carol


In creating stories for others, we sometimes end up revealing truths to ourselves. Such was the experience of the beloved Charles Dickens, master storyteller and honorary champion of Christmas. But Dickens was not always the purveyor of yuletide wisdom we know today—he too had to discover for himself the true spirit of Christmas and how best to keep it all the year through.

It was 1843, and winter was fast approaching. Times were tough for Charles Dickens and his family. He needed to publish something that would earn enough money to meet his many obligations. Pondering his predicament, Dickens set out to write a quick Christmas story that would be sure to sell. Little did he know that his writing—and the genial ghost he would bring to life—would take him on an incredible journey of the heart.

This beautifully illustrated volume tells the story behind the writing of Dickens's most famous work and reveals how he discovered the spirit of Christmas for himself—with a little help from his own literary characters. Originally presented by acclaimed British actor John Rhys-Davies at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's 2013 Christmas concert, the book also includes a DVD with footage from the event.


JOHN RHYS-DAVIES is a celebrated Welsh actor and voice actor. Film audiences best know him for his roles as the dwarf Gimli in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the charismatic Arab excavator Sallah in the Indiana Jones films. His television credits include Shogun and War and Remembrance. Raised in England, Africa, and Wales, he credits his early exposure to classical literature for his decision to pursue acting and writing.

BRANDON DORMAN is the illustrator of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Wizard. He graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho, where he studied fine art and illustration. He and his wife, Emily, have three children and live in Washington, where he enjoys working as a freelance illustrator. His work has appeared in children’s books and on numerous covers, including Pingo, The Candy Shop War, and the Fablehaven series.


This beautiful book shares what the impetus was that lead Charles Dickens to write A Christmas Carol.  While part of the book is imaginary (Dickens goes on a trip with the Ghost of Christmas Present), the ideas behind it are not.  The book explores how Dickens ideas and beliefs about Christmas changed as he wrote his famous story.  Being in financial difficulty he had money very much on the brain that year, but writing about Scrooge's obsession with money helped transform his own beliefs about what is most important just as it did Scrooge's.  Dorman's illustrations are beautiful and showcase the story perfectly.  The part of the story I found most interesting is the part where the author imagined Dickens going on a trip with his ghost character and having his eyes opened to the fact that people can enjoy Christmas without all the trappings and trimmings.  This story was told as a part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's annual Christmas concert and so a DVD of the performance of the story with John Rhys-Davies and the Choir and Orchestra is included.

EXCERPTS from Deseret Book




Monday, October 20, 2014

LDS NONFICTION: Visions of Hope by Annie Henrie


The most fundamental questions in our lives—questions about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are gonig—are answered when we have a true understanding of the plan of salvation. Now, our understanding is deepened and enlivened by this beautifully illustrated depiction of God's eternal plan for His children. In her unique, richly textured style, fine artist Annie Henrie offers a visual interpretations of the plan of salvation, including pre-earth life, the Creation, the Fall of Adam and Eve, life on earth, the spirit world, the Atonement and the Resurrection, and the kingdoms of glory. Accompanied by text from the scriptures, each exquisite image testifies of God's love for us and of His plan of happiness.


ANNIE HENRIE graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree from Brigham Young University in April 2012, and since the age of sixteen she has shown her work in galleries, including Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon; Authentique Gallery in St. George, Utah; and Deseret Book stores. Annie grew up in Bountiful, Utah, and is the daughter of Cary and Sauni Henrie. Her father, also a professional artist, has taught his daughter how to paint and draw since she was in kindergarten. Annie’s work is inspired by her experiences serving as a missionary in southern England and studying Renaissance art in Italy. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.


This book beautifully and simply illustrates the plan of salvation through the use of scriptures and paintings.  I found the book to be thoroughly enjoyable and gorgeous.  The paintings are touching and almost glow which suits the feel of the book very well.  The book moves through the main parts of the plan of salvation: pre-earth life, birth, life on earth, death, spirit world, resurrection and judgment and the three degrees of glory.  I especially enjoyed the paintings showing joy (a family), the resurrection, and the Lord's work and the glory.  A truly inspiring book that would work really well for a family home evening or church lesson.  Highly recommended.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Coming to DVD on October 14th!

Releases October 14, 2014
Germany, May 1945, the twilight of World War II. On a final mission deep in the Harz mountains, a U.S. tank crew discovers a platoon of Germans, including three infamous Panzer tanks, preparing to ambush allied supply trucks.
Before the war, private Jesse Owens was a product of segregation and racial discrimination, forced by law to ride in the back of the bus and disenfranchised from the political process. As the Germans bear down on the Americans, Owens fights the Axis powers for a freedom he and his fellow African American soldiers have never felt.
With a deadly game of cat and mouse quickly unfolding, Owens and his predominantly white tank crew find themselves out-gunned and out-manned by the German Panzer tanks. Several in Owens's crew are reluctant to put their faith in a black tank driver despite their dire circumstances. With tension and fear beginning to manifest, Owens knows they must put aside their differences to stop the enemy from achieving their deadly plan. Knowing that a victory over the Nazis means a victory for racial justice, Owens and his men find a way to work together to save hundreds of lives in a desperate battle against the greatest odds they have ever faced.

Product Details
Rating:  PG-13
Region:  1
Running Time:  1 hr. 36 min.
Publisher:  Excel Entertainment 2014


EXCEL ENTERTAINMENT is the preeminent independent film distribution company in Utah, and though largely known for its Mormon-themed films (God’s Army, The Work & the Glory series, 17 Miracles, Pride & Prejudice, etc.), Excel has also had success releasing films with non-Mormon themes and stories (Forever Strong, Saints & Soldiers, etc.).
Although the technology and means by which audiences consume films is changing rapidly, the demand for highly creative storytelling that motivates us to live up to the light that each of us has been given is as high as ever. We feel a deep obligation to not only bring stories of hope to the world, but to promote films with high standards of craftsmanship reflective of a belief in a divine and benevolent creator.



1 DVD of Saints and Soldiers: The Void
US only

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