Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: Financial Freedom by Greg Kesten


Financial Freedom: Finding What Works for You is the first in a series of pocket books that work as a primer for anyone seeking financial independence.The first in the series contains case studies of real people who have been coached by an expert in the field, Greg Kesten.


I admit that I'm not hugely into books about finance, not because it's not an important topic, but because my brain tends to glaze over when words like finance are used.  But this is an area that I definitely need to know more about and so I was interested in reading this book to see what kind of advice it offered.  And I was not disappointed, in fact I was quite pleased to find that this isn't a big huge book full of jargon and confusing terminology.  I found it quite easy to read and full of good common sense advice.  I didn't find much here that seemed new to me (I have a family member in the financial planning business after all) but I appreciated the direct approach the Kesten used along with the examples from people he has worked with over the years.  He starts by pointing out the importance of knowing where you want to go, having a financial vision to help focus one's efforts.  Then he explained the importance of facing your real situation, knowing exactly where you stand in financial terms. He gives further advice on facing spending addictions, comparing what you have to what others have, and being a 'paranoid saver'.  If you need a book on finance that is short and sweet and direct, I can heartily recommend this one.  For more information, visit Keston website here.


As a gift to help families start off 2016 with tools on how to improve their financial situation, author Greg Keston is giving away 10 copies of his book, Financial Freedom: Finding What Works for You. All you need to do is visit and be one of the first 10 people to request a FREE copy (shipping and handling will be paid).

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